10 Facts About True Love

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Love is pure. Love is kind as the old saying goes and true love is the greatest love of all. Well, sort of. Real love in books or movies can be magical, but the reality is a lot more nuanced than your favorite fairy tale. As anyone can attest, approaching love should also come with a level head, and the following facts are listed to help you know more about the love you seek.

True Love Is About Two People That Becomes One But Retaining Your Identity

Don’t seek to be someone’s other half or vice versa. You shouldn’t be completing each other. You need to be yourself. Retain your interests, hobbies, and friends to maintain your identity in the relationship intact. This will keep things interesting for you and your partner.

Emotional connection, a bond that holds partners together in a relationship, is one of the most important strengths for couples to have. Without a strong emotional connection, relationships can easily drift apart. — Angela Bisignano, PhD

True Love Is Freely Shared And Given

Your partner shouldn’t be making demands for you to change in a relationship; likewise, you shouldn’t demand change from your lover or partner either. Love should also be about acceptance through the highs and lows because coming into a relationship should assume as much. Share yourself without expecting something in return. Give love freely and without conditions because that’s how you can be real.

True Love Is Liberating

Love is being able to be yourself to your partner freely. Whether you’re at your ugliest or messiest, true love sees beauty through all of it. It’s a step towards the full acceptance of each other and shows one another how intense your love is for your partner.

True Love Is A Two-Way Street

True love doesn’t keep score – love should be exchanged freely between two consenting partners. Do not use it as a bargaining chip in exchange for favors nor use it sparingly to reward good behavior. True love is not currency. It is a two-way street, though, which you have to get used to for the long haul.

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When you share your genuine self with someone else and they respond with interest and attraction, it can be intoxicating! As your relationship deepens, you will feel loved for the “real” you, not some image you have been projecting. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

True Love Is Founded On Friendship

It’s an old cliché for best friends to fall in love. While not always true in real life, it helps to be good friends with your partner. The relationship is not just about being lovers. To help it grow and prosper, you two should also be friends. You have to enjoy each other’s company and laugh at each other’s jokes. With this, you can have it last for a lifetime.

True Love Endures In Its Commitment

Love can be fleeting in an immature relationship, but true love can outlast those seemingly trivial things that ended those past relationships. There is real commitment to see past the troubles and grow against the tides and the obstacles. Also, it’s sustenance in itself. You won’t be interested in anyone else because a relationship founded on true love is all you really need.

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Generosity and compassion flourish in those who have felt loved, leading them to touch the lives of others. — Alex Afram, PhD

Love Yourself First

Finally, you must be able to love yourself first before loving someone else. Know who you are – your temperaments, your hopes, and aspirations, your passion – so that you can identify someone compatible with you. You can only honestly give what you have on hand in the first place, so love yourself first before being able to share with someone who deserves it.