How Divorce Affects A Family

A strong foundation of a family gives joy and peace to every member. It is an essential factor of life that helps in motivating people to work hard and appreciate life. But what if it talks about divorce? How can each of its members find the courage to stay positive even if the situation is out of hand? Well, one thing is for sure – divorce is something that can change every person’s life.


The ability to repent for an act of betrayal requires a level of evolution that most people never aspire to reaching. Saying I’m sorry means admitting fault, as does acknowledging that the action has deeply hurt another person. — Andra Brosh, PhD

What Divorce Can Bring In The Family

Even if you think divorce is beneficial in some ways, it doesn’t hide the fact that it can hurt a lot of people.  Honestly speaking, it gives a lot of emotional and mental trauma not only to the couples experiencing it but also to their children. It weakens the connection and creates a massive complication as to where the members should practically accept the situation and try to move on with their lives. Sometimes, they ignore the fact that the process of recovery could take months or even years.


The Assessment

The parent’s decision in trying to end their marriage is a complicated battle between what they want and what they should do. In some cases, some couples tend to disregard their children’s needs because they focus on addressing a toxic relationship. Perhaps it’s beneficial for the both of them. However, it doesn’t assure a long-lasting happiness due to the sacrifices and adjustments that they need to face in the long run.

Relationships descend from being unhealthy into being toxic when at least one partner works against the other one in an overpowering way. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

It’s not that they don’t want to stick with the person they promised to love forever, but it’s about what gives the couple their peace of mind. When it comes to separation, of course, there’s a need for assessment as to why they should or should not stick with each other. However, couples who experience a lot of arguments and misunderstandings inside the family will only create much more intolerable inconsistencies. Therefore, the situation needs a concrete decision making.




The Probable Effect

When it comes to children, different approaches are present. Some children might take it harshly due to its impact on their emotional and psychological state. It can cause trauma and affect their social life at some point. Sometimes, it gives the children fewer advantages for overall development because of its excruciating results. They often regard it as something that takes away their life and happiness which is not good in the sense of emotional stability and psychological improvement. However, there are those children that use the experience to maintain mental and emotional balance. They use the traumatic experience as a way to motivate themselves to a faster recovery. Sometimes, their experience from divorcing parents pushes them to positively stay away from the same situation and work hard on their future. The circumstance becomes the life lesson that keeps them away from intentionally creating a wrong decision.

Dramatic losses in income may contribute to additional life stresses such as moving to a smaller residence in neighborhoods with increased crime, lower quality schools, and loss of familiar and developed community supports. — Angela Avery, MA, LLPC, NCC



A family is the source of every person’s emotional, mental, and behavioral improvement. Married couples learn different kinds of things while in it such as sacrifices, motivations, adjustments, considerations, and unconditional love. As for children, they first develop their personality inside a family that supports their skills, social interaction, decision making, and happiness.  So it’s important that every couple should think about the consequences of divorce.