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How I Sent My Teenager To College

When it comes to my child’s education, I want to make sure that I am part of the decision-making process. I guess this is only normal for all parents. As much as possible, I want to help her decide on what course to take as well as the university to attend. There are so many factors to take into consideration.

One of the most important things parents have to keep in mind is that a child leaving home is a big change. They are transitioning from childhood into adulthood. — Wendy Rice Psy.D.

Source: 4pcollegeplan.com


Understanding Long Distance Relationship Among Family Members

One of the challenges that parents may face someday is realizing that their well-loved child has grown up to become an independent individual. This usually brings many changes in the family such as when the said son or daughter decides to move to another city or state. A child may also move to another country for college or career, which means that having long distance relationships among family members can happen.

Though the physical demands of parenting ease up once our kids grow into mature adults, research shows that our children continue to affect our lives and happiness even when they are well out of the nest. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Source: huffingtonpost.com