Prevalent Family Issues: Solutions to Save the Unit From Falling Apart



One cannot prevent the occurrence of issues within family ties; therefore, to keep the unit from breaking down, one must result in long-term strategies and solutions.

Is your family held together by tape and glue? Do you feel helpless every time one of your family members argue? Are determined to do whatever it takes to keep a struggling relationship from ending?

Families are known to be the foundation of love and understanding in our society. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. As there are different individuals composed of this unit, there are instances that someone will have an issue with the other. This is normal. It happens even with the most empathic, positive family environment. Though there are a lot of factors that cause chaos in the family, it is almost always the requirements of life that creates inevitable conflict.

Most people believe empathy is one of those many soft skills, like courage or humility, that are important to healthy development. — Marilyn Price-Mitchell Ph.D.

According to a study, when there is strife within the family, it directly impacts children’s social growth and physical development. Discord among family members will affect the quality of nurturing parents have to provide their children. And the result will be devastating to their children who most probably will carry that emotional trauma in their adult years, crippling their relationship with other people.




As much as possible, parents or adults should quickly resolve any kind of struggle.To help with that, here are some of the prevalent family problems occurring in every family and the possible long-term solutions.



Issue 1: Financial difficulties


Considered as one of the main reasons why families fall apart, money, in fact, matters. It matters a lot that people argue over it. And the chaos usually revolves around the absence or insufficiency of the said commodity. But sometimes, anabundance of money also creates misunderstandings especially in cases of inheritance, because family members can’t decide on how to distribute what was left behind by their elders evenly. Businesses generating income ran by families and relatives can also pose a threat to a harmonious relationship.


Solution: Debts and necessities are some of the reasons why money becomes an issue. If this is currently occurring in your family, try suggesting some constructive ideas like:

  • Cutting down on unnecessary items
  • Focusing on the needs rather than the wants
  • Sticking to your monthly budget
  • Saving for a rainy day
  • Find other sources of income

 When someone shoots a verbal arrow at us, it seems intuitive to put up a shield. However, this response typically only perpetuates the cycle of conflict because it sends the underlying message the other person is the problem, not us. — Meredith Shirey, MS, LMFT



Issue 2: Addiction


Any form of addiction is a cause for animosity. Substance and alcohol abuse are serious reasons why family fall apart. Aside from depleting the source of income, addiction can also alter the sane minds of addicts that could greatly affect peace within homes.


Solution: Subjecting the involved to seek professional help is the best way you can help in resolving this issue. There are some things that family members cannot do especially in cases of addiction.





Issue 3: Infidelity


Probably the most serious offense a partner can do against the other is cheating. Having an affair with other people destroys trust which is one of the most important foundations of a relationship. Once it is broken, it can be quite difficult to earn back. Sometimes, it takes years for a person to find forgiveness and eventually, the relationship ends up falling to bits and pieces.


Solution: Don’t call your lawyer just yet. In order to promote healing between parties, both will rely on several components like their support systems, time for reflection, and if all else fails and you would like to save your relationship, consulting a counselor would be the best decision.


Recurring problems in the family poses an urgent need for attention. Unless the issue is properly resolved and is not hidden under a rug, there will be no process for reconciliation and mending.

There is no such thing as an intelligent divorce. — Jann Gumbiner Ph.D.